ICSFT congratulates the American people for electing Donald Trump

The International Council Supporting Fair Trail and Human Rights congratulates the American people for electing Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States of America, wishing for the flourishing for your great country and your world friendly people, looking for the cooperation of the United States in this new age to implement values and humanity and human rights in the world. This is what was issued by the International Community since 1954 and is being worked at with great effort to update the laws of Human Rights based on the United Nations and the National Declaration for Human Rights in a goal to take the International Family to live with pride and fair rights based on Liberty, Justice, and Peace.

We look by with this new age for putting the reputation of the United States and her people in the Humanitarian place and that is by participating in stopping the wars and struggles and also turning off the fires of controversy that divides the people in the Middle East and other hostile zones in the world, to find logical solutions for the challenges that faces international security and peace. To come to an agreement that will reinforce liberties and freedoms and supporting them in all ways possible. To not speak in the language of self-interest that went in the past decades in supporting countries of genocide and tyranny and ignorance through wars and terror with great confidence and truthfulness and moving forward towards more democracy and public participation in administrating the affiliations of the countries of the region. Also, participating in a continuous development that is based on peace and equality and common interest and this will begin with beneficial cooperation and working with the United Nations and the Council for Human Rights and the United Nations Commission for the sake of enforcing freedom, justice, and peace and supporting International Community Organizations and participating in protecting people who defend the rights of humans in the world and aiding the declaration of their freedom for the dangers of oppression that they face in all of its forms in their communities and most importantly, in countries that are allies with the United States. Wishing for the President of the United States success and will for the United States of America always.img_9807

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